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Carpet Cleaning Services Dubai

Professional Carpet Cleaning services

  • Uncut carpet pile
  • Cut carpet pile
  • Saxony cut pile
  • textured cut pile
  • Frieze cut pile
  • Plush carpet pile

Types of Carpet we clean

  • Nylon carpet
  • Polyester carpets
  • Polypropylene carpet
  • Wool carpet

Carpet Cleaning Services

Domestic and commercial Carpet cleaning

Before telling you about carpet cleaning it is very important to give you litter bit introduction about carpet and it types because our branch is only in UAE and 90 % of our clients use these type of carpets in their office | restaurant | home | majlis.

There are many machines and techniques to achieve the professional carpet cleaning services but the only thing that makes us different from our competition is that we are capable of carpet cleaning services on the spot at your place and due to our heavy-duty commercial vacuums we are able to dry that carpet on the spot.
But when we have the assignment to bring carpet at our place and clean it like most of the clients running their laundries in UAE and we have to take their rug on our place the first process is to rinse any kind of dirt and dust from it with the help of vacuum cleaner then we put it into hot water so its fabric converts to soft form then we shampooing it with machines and dry it.